Why do people move in the United States

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If to analyze the statistics, Americans move a lot compared to other nations. 23% of the country residents move every 5 years, mentions Gallup Survey conducted in 2013. Another statistics blog FiveThirtyEight has counted that an average American has to move 11.4 times in his life but not only residential moving takes place in the US.

Undoubtedly, the highest number of people who move are individuals (44%), but corporate relocation does not follow behind — about 38%. The third place is taken by military representatives who have to relocate regularly — 16%. One more interesting fact is the age of the most common movers: these are mainly young people and families with one child aged between 18 and 34. The older people become, the lower tendency for relocation there is among them.

5 common reasons make people move

It goes without saying that every relocation happens for some reasons that seem to be really logical. If you used to move or plan to move in the nearest future, the most apparent reasons for that might be the following ones.

  1. A necessity to change a current home

Despite the fact that it is a rather extended definition of the reason, but you have to move if a current home is not suitable for you at the moment. It can be too small, too old, expensive to maintain. You may also need to relocate if you go studying, make repairs, are asked to leave a rental apartment.

2. Job relocation

One of the most popular reasons for moving is a job. You can find a new job position in another city or be promoted to another company department, be transferred or move together with a company you work for. In general, job relocation surveys say about 17% of all employees had to move at least one time because of this reason.

3. Retirement

People who retire wish to move to the areas with certain facilities and prefer well-equipped homes located in the suburbs.

4. Relationships

People tend to make friends, date, marry and build other relationships that might lead to relocation. Some friends unite to rent one home being unable to pay for it singly. Some children or family members have to leave their home because of severe arguments.

5. Change of lifestyle

There are periods in life when you want to change anything abruptly. It may be graduation from the university and a search for a new job, taking up some unique activity, climate preferences, and many other reasons.

Moving on your own vs. hiring a moving company

There are two most popular ways to move: do it yourself or order moving services. In fact, both of them have their benefits and drawbacks depending on your situation. If you move to college with a couple of bags, it is natural that no professional assistance is required. But if the volume of your belongings exceeds the possibility to carry it in four hands (yours and your friend’s, for example), it is reasonable to turn to a moving company. Many people think they will have to pay a big sum of money to a full-service company, but have they ever thought how much it will cost to obtain all the packing materials, hire loaders and a vehicle, replace damaged things or stolen ones! All these and many other services are offered by moving companies for a reasonable cost and all your belongings are insured, so there is no sense to doubt.

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Founder & CEO of California Movers.

Founder & CEO of California Movers.