Living in California: Best place to relocate

San Jose takes first position on our list of the best places to relocate in California in. Are you planning to relocate somewhere in California? Have you decided on the city you want to move into? Not yet, don’t worry. We are here with a list of the best places to relocate to California. I am sure that after reading this article, you will jump onto a conclusion.

Best places to relocate in California:

  1. San Jose

San Jose is the perfect place and the best place for relocation in California. The population of San Jose is 1,030,119. You will be surprised to know male: female population ratio in San Jose is 1:1, that is, 50% population is male and 50% population is female. If you plan to relocate to San Jose, you can get the San Jose relocation tips from California Movers. San Jose has pleasant and warm weather for most of the year.

The security system in San Jose sets an example for other urban cities as it has a very low rate of crimes in the city. It has various job opportunities for tech-savvy people as it is situated at the heart of Silicon Valley. Apple’s World Headquarters is in San Jose. San Jose is perfect for families as it has various top-notch public and private schools, high schools, and universities. There are various places in San Jose that are kid-friendly and adult-friendly where you can go in leisure time. Some of these places are Intel Museum, Tech Museum, Winchester mystery house, and Raging waters. There are various meetup groups like language groups, sports groups, etc to keep you entertained. Various events are also organized throughout the year where you can meet new people and spend some time.

2. San Diego

It is the most preferable place to relocate after San Jose. San Diego is the 8th largest city in the United States. San Diego is a big city and it is home to around 1.4 million people. It is a few hours away from places like Mexico, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, Disneyland, where you can go and have a lot of fun. San Diego has nice and pleasant weather throughout the year. Companies like Apple, eBay, Qualcomm, etc are situated in San Diego and it never falls short of companies like start-ups, bio-techs, tech-savvy, etc. You can go to various places in your leisure time and witness history and art. You can go to places like Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego Museum of art, are some places to visit. It is the ultimate destination for Mexican food and crafty beer. It is known as the craft beer capital. Also, San Diego has world-famous universities like San Diego State University, University of San Diego, and UC San Diego. It has many public and private schools that provide quality education to children. A large number of students migrate to San Diego every year to pursue higher education.

3. Oakland

We would rank this place 3rd in the list of best places for relocation in California. Oakland has a warm climate for most of the year. While for the rest of the year, it is cold. Some regions are not too cold, but places like those in the northern area could be very cold in the winter season. Oakland is near to San Francisco, Pleasanton, and Berkeley. If you work in Oakland but do not prefer to stay here, then you can stay in San Francisco, where you can get in little time.

Oakland is home to many artists, there are many art galleries in Oakland, art classes are always running here, and many events are organized in the art galleries throughout the year. Oakland has a larger number of bars, clubs, and night lounges. Many events are organized in various theaters, events like music events are organized. People in Oakland travel through bikes, so if you are a bike lover, Oakland is a must for you to stay. The cost of living is relatively cheaper in Oakland, it is almost 30% cheaper than San Francisco. Education quality is good in Oakland and it has many elementary, middle, and high schools.

4. Sacramento

Sacramento ranks 4th in the list of best places to relocate in California.Sacramento is the most affordable city in California with housing rates between $300,000-$400,000. The weather keeps on changing throughout the year, and if you are not a winter person, then you are meant to be in Sacramento.

It also has a good security system, and you can ensure your safety here. Sacramento is close to weekend destinations like beaches, freshwater lakes, and rivers, etc. People go to freshwater lakes and summer to cool themselves during the summer season. Sacramento is surrounded by farms. Therefore, people here enjoy fresh meals made from fresh fruits and vegetables. Even if you eat junk food at any restaurant, you can assure yourself that you are eating healthy food. If you love art, history, culture, then you must visit Sacramento for at least once in your life, because people in Sacramento organize various events exhibiting its vast culture and art. There are various museums where you can go and see amazing art. Many streets have trees lined on both sides. Sacramento has also made huge investments in renewable energy. This shows that people in Sacramento believe in sustaining nature. Many top-notch schools, high schools, universities are situated in Sacramento.

5. Los Angeles

Ranked 5th in the list, Los Angeles has a population of around 4 million people and it is regarded as the most populous city in California. Los Angeles has many Hollywood production houses, it is the center of the rapidly growing film and entertainment industry. Apart from this industry, Los Angeles has Aerospace, technology, and fashion as its booming industries and people can find jobs in these sectors.

The tourism industry employs almost half a million people. Therefore, Los Angeles is not just about television and entertainment, it has other sectors and job opportunities as well. You can travel to various beaches near Los Angeles to enjoy the weekends. Popular beaches in Los Angeles are Playa Del Rey, Catalina Island, Malibu. For living in a city like Los Angeles, you need to have a strong connection with people you hang out with, be it your colleagues, friends, or relatives. For this, you can join various meet groups, attend night parties and events to socialize.

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